A literal interpretation of dickinsons my life had stood a loaded gun

My life had stood a loaded gun prezi

Berlin: Duncker und Humblot. Her poems can be likened to archeological digs. In her poems, instead of trying to hide her dislike of organized religion, she did the opposite and flaunted her views. The poem does not have a title, and instead goes by either its first line or the number Oxford: Blackwell. The image of a loaded gun is an inherently dangerous one but also one that speaks to a middle ground. The Master Letters of Emily Dickinson. On the other hand, if one looks deeper into these lines, a connection can be made to a woman and her words.

If she was not afraid of criticism, it is likely she simply enjoyed creating poems with double meanings. She does not give into it though.

my life had stood a loaded gun theme

In such instances it is necessary to sift through the clues she leaves in her words in order to decipher the hidden meaning. Deirdre Johnson corrector.

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Suppes eds. In either case, whether the Master is deity or lover, the central dilemma of the poem is that of the fusion of the gun and its owner, the force and the agent, the violence and the perpetrator.

A literal interpretation of dickinsons my life had stood a loaded gun

On the surface there is one layer, but dig a little deeper and another layer is found. The men cannot allow the females to get too powerful. This person is likely a man, her husband, who wields much more power in the world than she is allowed to. To paraphrase, the gun stayed in the corner until its owner came and took it. Niall, Rudd ed. Helen Wilcox ed. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press. When it comes out, it is powerful. Repetition also plays a major role in this piece. Tenses in Compositional Semantics. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. Image: artistic rendering of Emily Dickinson by Lisa Perrin.

This seems like an impossibility at this point. London: Penguin.

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She is his staunch defender, and in fulfilling this role, becomes powerful—she shares his voice, acts only at his bidding, and is in some way immortal. The gun seems to long for the death that will eventually come to the owner, but will never get because it is not human.

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