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The following letter from Mr Clay relates … to the compensation of Drewery and his family … Montague-square, Jan. Incorporating Caroline Wilkinson's work on forensic facial reconstruction , included in the current exhibition Photographs of Australian and British Convicts, just isn't logical. It would seem unlikely that Elizabeth would have been able to gain employment with a husband convicted and transported. The funeral is appointed to leave his late residence at 4. Educated at private schools and at King's College, London, deceased was a pupil in his father's chambers, and was admitted at the Middle Temple in His death, tragic as it was, would leave the family destitute and homeless. He accepted the Solicitor-Generalship in Chapman-Henty administration, which he held till , when the feeling in Launceston being very strong against the proposed ad valorem duties, he resigned.

I went to one of the principal inns … Whilst in conversation with the waiteress [sic] … I enquired if I could have a horse and gig … I told the maid … that my address was Mr Drewery, of Hull, coal-merchant, that I was going to Stanley Colliery, and that I should return the same evening.

On Friday 8 August, the two men left Leeds for York. Above: the large wall poster at right displayed at the exhibition titled "Photographs of Australian and British Convicts" which opened at the Hobart Penitentiary the former Hobart Gaol and House of Corrections, Campbell St.

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He explained he needed to go to Stanley Colliery and would return late that evening. Neither gentleman had any family of their own. My dear, here are fresh proofs of your husbands innocence … I hope you will give this publicity in the press, to erase any stigma my position may have brought upon you and friends. What might have changed for Thomas is impossible to know, maybe the stories from the gold fields were too tempting for him to resist. Thomas was wrongly convicted and sentenced to transportation. Possibly he kept the remaining public subscription money to cover his costs. The following letter from Mr Clay relates … to the compensation of Drewery and his family … Montague-square, Jan. The handwriting is similar to his signatures on the birth registrations of his children in the s.

Nevin photographed him for police and prison administration records on discharge from this same building, the Hobart Gaol, in the fortnight preceding 14th April Boyd taking these mugshots - that is, today they might not, but the future is another country as the past will prove.

He told the family he would only take the case if he was certain Thomas was innocent.

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Under the then prison rules, convicts in Pentonville prison were permitted to write and receive only one letter every six months. Her brother Thomas was blind and lived out his life at the Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum.

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Thomas J. Nevin