Adolescence seminar 1 notes

challenges of adolescence ppt

Try not to let any personal feelings or biases about how you think young people should behave interfere with your professional behavior. It is a period of rapid physical and biological changes, which may lead to confusion, tension, frustration and feeling of insecurity.

This means that you should try to stay up to date on subjects that will be of interest to your clients. Supportive friends, family, and others can be a remedy for depression and loneliness and can encourage adolescents in their quest to lead happier, healthier lives.

You can also refer clients to other services to learn more. Second, research on this topic is fragmented across disciplines: although many biological processes and other influences that are specific to this period increase susceptibility to risk-taking and therefore have a lifelong influence on health and well-being, research on them has remained overly segregated within individual disciplines.

Acknowledge that it is not always easy to be assertive, but suggest that practicing can help. Pipher, M. Is someone trying to sell you something?

Bringing this work together is therefore needed to advance research and its applications. Drug abuse and needle sharing - intravenous drug use is an important factor in HIV transmission in developed countries.

Late adolescence characteristics

The physical onset of puberty is not the same for all adolescents. Currently, there is no vaccine or cure for HIV, but treatments have evolved which are much more effective and better tolerated - they can improve patients' general health and quality of life considerably, in as little as one pill per day. This means that you should try to stay up to date on subjects that will be of interest to your clients. However, very little research has been conducted on cross-national variation in adolescent risk behavior; consequently, this report reflects the fact that the bulk of the research currently available draws on data collected in the United States. Such expectations overlook more age-appropriate socio-emotional development and needs of these girls. Adolescents are a special group because of their developmental stage and the special problems. Asian cultures are collectivistic in nature, in which group harmony and loyal family membership are prized above individuality, autonomy, or individual satisfaction. HIV-infected mothers should not breastfeed. By this stage, adolescents have completed their physiological development, although males may continue to grow taller. Middle Adolescence This is the second stage and occurs from ages 15 to Joint pain iv. Because adolescence is a stage of human development during which a young person must move from dependency to independence and develop autonomy and maturity, young people, in particular, are faced with many challenges. Waiting increases anxiety. Tiredness x.
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Adolescence Seminar 1 Notes Essay