An analysis of the topic of the great advancement in computer hardware technology and the infancy of

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OMNI has supported work to improve the availability and access to micronutrient databases. This approach, used by most of the currently best-performing systems, can be seen as a way of adapting a set of general rules to a particular domain. Hardware requirements also increase as the complexity of the programmes increases.

This paper will highlight the opportunities that new technologies provide for nutrition educators; describe computer-mediated services used for nutrition education; list issues important to nutrition educators; and explore opportunities for expanded uses of nutrition education programmes utilising computer technology in both developing and developed countries.

A comprehensive list of nutrition software is not currently available. Ochuodho, S. Safe food Clip art and photo collections Inexpensive photo collections and clip art software packages are also widely available.

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Improvement in word processing and desktop publishing software enables nutrition educators with limited computer skills to prepare professional looking newsletters, nutrition education booklets and materials. Concerns about privacy will grow as the use of computers and networks expands into new areas.

It has changed communications and computer technologies, and allowed other technologies to come along. Computers operate by executing the computer program.

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Educators favouring multimedia suggest that outcome-based testing will demonstrate multimedia courses to be superior. These can be helpful in selecting a consultant. Conference Report. Programmes that provide performance feedback and coaching have demonstrated improved learning in distance education and training situations. Nieman, D. Computer users include both corporate companies and individuals. Introduction In developed and developing countries, many projects have demonstrated that enhanced communication efforts can improve the health and well-being of populations. This programme uses storytelling, sound, video, and other aids to personalise the questionnaire and reduce the tedium and reading ability needed to complete the data input of traditional FFQs. For example, the North Carolina and Georgia Co-operative Extension Services developed a food safety conference for child-care workers. In the meantime, since the cost of developing these programmes is high, some educators wonder if the use will become widespread. Using a computer to communicate is cheaper than calling friends and family long distance. Once the software is loaded, the computer is able to execute the software. Nutrition and Diabetes.
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