An overview of the most serious diseases that plagues the world today

Most dangerous disease in the world

Travellers to affected areas may be at risk as well as residents. Ivan Konstantinov and his team's winning illustration depict the most highly detailed 3D structural model of the human immunodeficiency virus HIV ever made. There is a risk of human plague wherever the presence of plague natural foci the bacteria, an animal reservoir and a vector and human population co-exist. Rabies Rabies is spread to humans through infected saliva particularly from dogs. The virus, first spotted in China, went on to infect more than 8, people and kill more than Always wash your hands carefully. The pneumonic form is invariably fatal unless treated early.

Treatment usually involves strong and effective antibiotics such as gentamicin or ciprofloxacin, intravenous fluids, oxygen, and, sometimes, breathing support. High-income nations have far higher incidences of heart disease and strokes than their low-income counterparts, and have several cancers as their top 10 causes of death.

Contagious diseases in africa

If you have been exposed to fleas during a plague outbreak, visit your doctor immediately so your concerns can be addressed quickly. Preliminary results may be ready in just two hours, but confirmatory testing takes 24 to 48 hours. An estimated five million people died from what is now thought to have been smallpox. To check for pneumonic plague, fluid will be extracted from your airways by a tube that is inserted down your nose or mouth and down your throat. During an enzootic cycle , Y. Humans usually catch it through the bite of an infected flea. Diarrhoea in particular is a scourge on humanity. Scientists have started to administer a vaccine to prevent plague outbreaks in prairie dogs and black-footed ferrets. The bacterial infection is very much alive. Many small mammals act as hosts to the bacteria, including rats, mice, chipmunks, prairie dogs, rabbits, and squirrels. Previously restricted to the Indian subcontinent , the pandemic began in Bengal , then spread across India by

However, since first spreading from Calcutta along the Ganges Delta init has killed millions. Even the emperor himself—Justinian I, for whom the plague was named—contracted the disease. Deeply affected Russia, with over a million deaths.

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Approximately 25 million of those deaths came in the first 25 weeks of the outbreak. Getting treatment as quickly as possible is crucial to stop the plague from becoming deadly.

An overview of the most serious diseases that plagues the world today

However, a look back through history reveals outbreaks so expansive—so deadly—that they essentially changed the course of history. Infectious diarrhea Sick woman in bed. During the 19th century, cholera spread from its home in India, causing six pandemics that killed millions of people on all continents, according to the World Health Organization.

As of at least 60 million people had been infected by AIDS and 25 million had died. Rats have long been thought to be the main vector of plague outbreaks, because of their intimate connection with humans in urban areas.

People going from the UK to countries where the disease is prevalent are advised to speak to their doctor before they travel. Providing masks for pneumonic patients can reduce spread.

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Septicemic plague: Fever, chills, extreme weakness, abdominal pain, shock, and possibly bleeding into the skin and other organs.

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