Business plan positioning strategy of nokia

nokia branding strategy

Consequently, Nokia positioned its resources to deal with potential risks that were tied to this partnership and worked to ensure that both parties continued to be satisfied with the relationship.

Do you think that not using the Android operating system was the only problem in Nokia phones? Although this definition seems to be a bit too simple, original mobile phones only had a single function which was to call.

The Group had remained almost in the anonymities for several years -through which it made commercial contracts with Microsoft- and it is thinking of returning back to the market by the end of The fast paced markets often cause products to quickly fall from favour, which is why the communication within the existing marketing strategy — the interaction with customers - must be engaged and has to stand out from competition.

business plan positioning strategy of nokia

Along with an increasingly demanded after-sales service this might have a strong impact on crisis-stricken Nokia. Therefore overall the threat of new entrants is medium. Only one valuable service, which is new, innovative and lifts them above competition would be enough to recapture their leading market position.

Reportable Segments We can do that even with simple local participation rates that increase over time. Furthermore, the Symbian OS used to be the most used operating system on smartphones in the world and was adapted by many other producers.

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(PDF) A Strategic Plan Nokia