Caring for population intervention and evaluation

Data were collected after home interventions based on the Single-User Treatment Project, by means of semi-structured interviews subjected to content analysis and the theoretical framework of Donabedian. Included articles were ranked based on their thematic relevance and methodological support of transferability criteria.

Lost in transition: challenges and opportunities for improving the quality of transitional care. For many organizations such transformations required substantial reconfiguration of services, including investments in home and community care, and strengthening of primary care [ 9123335364455 ].

Data analysis As a basis for the thematic synthesis the following information was extracted from the articles: authors, year of publication, title, the type of transferability of health interventions relating to the main field e.

Stage 3 is the step of going beyond the findings of the included articles [ 2936 ]. With regard to the referred diseases, nine participants had hypertension, four were diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia, two with diabetes mellitus, three with depression, and three with osteoarthritis.

It should be anticipated before and evaluated after an intervention is implemented in the target context. Using existing external validity theories and multilevel mediation modeling, we provide a logical framework for determining what new empirical evidence is required for an intervention to retain its evidence-based standard in this new context.

It is necessary, however, to distinguish these terms from transferability, as already shown above for generalizability. Pharmacist influence on economic and morbidity outcomes in a tertiary care teaching hospital. There are already initial descriptions of transferability criteria.

When implementing an EBI in a novel setting, or targeting novel populations, one must consider whether there is sufficient justification that the EBI would have similar benefits to those found in earlier trials. Innovative design of these interventions will be necessary as many will be introduced in service settings and it will be important to ensure methodological rigour, relevance to service delivery, and generalizability across healthcare systems.

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Quality ranking In order to classify criteria in terms of their relevance to the assessment of transferability of health interventions, the authors developed a quality ranking scale based on the quality assessment strategy for criteria of external validity provided by Dyrvig et al.

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How to design and evaluate interventions to improve outcomes for patients with multimorbidity