Case study of selected enterprises in terms of entrepreneurial strategies

Furthermore, we divided the SMEs on the basis of their strategic goals, building on the theories discussed in the section on strategic goals and confirmed by the insights gained while conducting the research and analysing the data. The final chapter summarizes, concludes the results obtained from the findings and suggests the necessary recommendations; and finally attached bibliography and annexes relevant for the study.

This development holds a rather brighter future for the study, research, and practice of entrepreneurship.

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The results are summarised into figures of BMI path of each group. This can be concluded as using global philosophy and using local talent. A variety of the literature shows that both quantitative and qualitative indicators have limitations and recommended to used interchangeably. After that, the growth path divides into the following: High-Performance Computing Company from Slovenia and Space Saving Containers from the Netherlands, who wanted to pursue growth by improving their offering [Improve my offering]: We have always operated in the front line, we are innovators […] we strive to be find new market opportunities CEO, High-Performance Computing Company, Slovenia. Results The analysis of the 11 in-depth cases revealed three different BMI paths. He used both descriptive data analysis and multiple regression model to identify the factors affecting MSEs. New brand Indulgence became a success and Jimella searched for new investors to expand the business. Conceptual Framework The conceptual framework shows relationships between independent and dependent variables. Quimby used to work and entail in all process like pouring and capping. The external factors include political, legal, finance, marketing, work premise, technology, and infrastructure factors. Since early on s the development and growth in the IT sector has happened and every company seek to have its own portal. Background of the Study Micro and Small Enterprises MSEs have become engines of poverty reduction, employment creation and business development among others in various countries worldwide Chittithaworn et al. When she was main marketing officer of Cosmetic division she applied different sales technique to enhance the brand sales. Such detailed analyses could shed light on the complex relationship between business and IT, which is relevant because BMs increasingly are built on Big Data and Big Data Analytics, topics that are also of the utmost importance to SMEs.

BM is considered to be a direct result of strategy Casadesus-Masanell and Ricart, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor GEM, defined performance as the act of performing; of doing something successfully; using knowledge as distinguished from merely possessing it.

Furthermore, they discussed three specific tasks in relation to managing BM dynamics, which are in line with Foss and Saebi : to monitor the external and internal risks and uncertainties that may harm the BM, to anticipate the potential consequences and to implement actions designed to modify the BM so that the performance of the company is preserved or increased.

InJimella came up with new product development plan and modified the brand name of product as Indulgence.

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Moreover, our research also makes it clear that simple econometric models, in which BMI is related to performance Aspara et al. Market segmentation, context of use, efforts to be made by the customer and customer relations are included in the service component, while, in the technical component, the architecture of the service platform, access devices, channels and applications are included, as well as additional functionalities like security and privacy.

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As such, the decision to expand to new markets is crucial to SMEs, in light of their often small financial base. Company was obviously imitated by both as Burt contributed his business which comprised of 30 hives and Quimby who had always been motivated toward to be entrepreneur, hard working and business owner skills. The reason of the short fall could not be recognized yet it can be remarked as market downfall which reduced market sales of Indulgence spa products. The customer side of BM includes customer relationships, segments and channels. This allowed us to illustrate their BMI paths, i. Persistence is one of the essential characteristics for success entrepreneurship e. After establishing a firm, there are basically two clear strategic options: focussing on profitability or on growth. The researcher uses the cases to test and demonstrate the soundness of new concepts Cunningham,

SMEs that improve their BMs typically focus on individual BM components, such as value proposition, target customer or internal value chain Lindgren, ; Arbussa et al. Multiple regression analysis has also revealed that In addition, his study has not indicated clearly measurement of growth and survival of MSEs.

Measurement of actual performance must, be done in the same terms in which standards have been laid down so that comparisons are easier and meaningful.

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Second, the study employed explanatory approach to understand factors affecting performance of MSEs by discovering and measuring the causal relationship between the dependent and independent variables.

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Case Research of Selected Companies in terms of Entrepreneurial Strategies