Character analysis in persuasion

Edward Wentworth The brother of Mrs.

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She opposes sister-in-law Henrietta's interest in marrying Charles Hayter, who Mary feels is beneath the Musgrove family. Louisa Musgrove — Second sister of Charles Musgrove, Louisa, aged about 19, is a high-spirited young lady who has returned with her sister from school.

As with Sir Walter, rank, consequence, propriety, and honor dominate her worldview. Smith married and lived the life of a young woman of society.

Character analysis in persuasion

Anne still loves Captain Wentworth, so each meeting with him requires preparation for her own strong emotions. Ultimately, Mrs.

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She vacillates between her cousin Charles Hayter and the charms of the newly arrived Captain Wentworth. Though they are uninteresting and unclever, Sir Walter seeks their renewed acquaintance because of their high social position. She keeps abreast of the doings of Bath society through news she gets from her nurse, Rooke, who tends the wife of a friend of William Elliot's. As executor to her husband's will, Mr Elliot takes no actions to improve her situation. Early drafts and revisions[ edit ] A. They are uninteresting and unremarkable individuals, but Sir Walter and Elizabeth desire them as connections because of their aristocratic associations. He values constancy, practicality, and firmness of mind in women, characteristics that will make a good Navy wife. His wife tends to Louisa, and the children come to stay with the Musgroves for the Christmas holiday. Mary has occasional hypochondriac tendencies, perhaps due to a want of attention and a somewhat temperamental nature. Elliot, is the company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company". She occupies an exalted position in society by virtue of wealth and rank. Smith The late Charles Smith was a man who spent his money too freely.

They are a landed family, second in rank in the parish only to the Elliots. After seven years, Captain Wentworth has made his fortune and returned to Kellynch a rich man.

In her father's mind, however, she has "acquired a little artificial importance by becoming Mrs.

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