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Keep your sentences short and powerful. Mrunal recommends. But in essay, they are rather stale, lacking in any human element.

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Subscribe to this blog to download a free chapter and to hear first when the book launches. These real life stories, anecdotes and incidents are everywhere in our books and newspapers.

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One is known for gut-wrenching poverty, while the other unbridled prosperity. This ideological clash between the superpowers led to several proxy wars, a nuclear arms race and a rapid deterioration of world security. I do not mean to suggest that you should start reading one non-fiction book per topic to get good scores in Essay, but reading them occasionally in your free time will benefit you in the long run. But make sure your writing and analytical skills are up to the UPSC expectations; if not, polish it. But in essay, they are rather stale, lacking in any human element. How and from where to prepare? How to write a good Introduction to your Essay? We are free to have any opinion in the privacy of our minds, but in UPSC essay why take that risk? Essay-list: Topic wise last 26 years Each year, along with essay paper, I also upload topicwise compilation of all essays asked since

Fear of technology — Technology cannot replace manpower. Critically comment on their contemporary relevance to Indian democracy Dreams which should not let India sleep.

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For instance, in an essay on Capital Punishment, in the main body content, you should present a case for both abolition and retention. How to transition smoothly from one para to the next This can be done in three ways.

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