Crohns disease term paper

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Its prevalence has continually increased over the past 50 years with the highest incidence being reported in northern Europe, the United Kingdom and North America [ Cosnes et al. The problem usually reoccurs, and the most appropriate strategy is a management of the condition. There is no cure for this disease, but there are several different treatment options.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. It is attributed to bile acid resorption resulting in an increase in the ration of bile and cholesterol and hence, increases in gallstones risk.

Crohns disease term paper

The conventional approach to managing active disease has been derived from progressive intensification of drug therapy, with the focus on inducing and maintaining clinical remission. Whilst laparoscopy offers certain advantages of smaller abdominal wounds, lower risk of hernia and decreased rate of small bowel obstruction, there are concerns that occult segments of disease and severe strictures can be missed due to limited tactile ability [ Dasari et al.

If severe symptoms persist, patients may be hospitalized and fed through a feeding tube in the nose down to the stomach. Instances of acute treatment allow the use of medications such as antibiotics to reduce the inflammation. The disease has numerous signs and symptoms that include extra-intestinal, systematic and gastrointestinal.

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Through the use of the microscope, mucosal inflammation is seen through the use of biopsies when focal infiltration of neutrophils into the epithelium.

This disease is named after a Jewish man named Dr. Another systematic review comparing the diagnostic accuracy of magnetic resonance enterography MRE and computed tomography CTE found MRE had a diagnostic yield comparable with CTE, but does not carry the same risks of radiation exposure, especially to younger patients [ Qiu et al.

Although budesonide was shown to be inferior to conventional steroids for the induction of remission in active CD RR 0.

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