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Pre-kindergarten programs ages 4 to 5 might emphasize preparing children for school by introducing them to letters and social skills. This approach requires targeting parents who are less sensitive to price and more sensitive to learning and development.

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You do not need to hire the services of an expert anymore, as you can use an already existing model to craft yours. Activity instructors will be assigned for these events and will lead the activities, ensuring a memorable celebration.

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Educare centre business plan

Make Your Funding Request Determine what you will need in terms of financial assistance to get your business off the ground. Case has spent her entire professional career in child care and development, and most recently was the Child Care Teacher at Gaithersburg Child Care Excellence an accredited full service day care facility from until Do benchmarking and observe how competitors run their daycare centers. Plan how you will communicate your day care business' benefits to your target market. The Market The child care market is quite competitive in the Boston area. Finally, locally-owned competing centers generally lack the financial and management capital needed to acquire a successful company. That is why there will always be the need to have kids at day care centers. Include details about hiring and training employees. Activity instructors will be assigned for these events and will lead the activities, ensuring a memorable celebration. A college community of professional care givers with the credentials to not only enhance your child's early social and motor skills, but to also teach them advanced studies in the arts and sciences found at institutions of higher learning. They provide cleaning, feeding and some education, though no curriculum per se, and are therefore not competing for the same clients as we are. In addition to nannies, au pairs and baby sitters, there are about 55 child care centers. Case in three to five years.

Now imagine this at a cost less than that of the combination of conventional day care and specific interest based children programs. Case sensed a need in the marketplace for a safe, nurturing center which could compete against the national chains on quality, service, and curricula but offer local advantages and a true bi-lingual capability.

Their Gaithersburg location is at Sioux Lane which is easily accessed by the affluent Kentlands neighborhood as well as routes and We will turn to qualified professionals for freelance back-up in tutoring and educational support, which will enhance the core values provided to the clients.

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Daycare Business Plan Sample