Email marketing case studies

Use these examples as inspiration for creating your own automated campaigns for improving engagement and connecting with your readers.

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The aim was to increase sales conversions and drive incremental value by contacting the maximum number of users. You can convert leads into buyers and maintain customer loyalty.

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Once the triggers were in place, ContactMonkey was able to guarantee that each customer received the right messaging at the right time. The content was also adapted if the user revisited the website at any point to update their basket. Watsi, for example, uses email to support their product.

Email marketing case studies

Text messages are opened faster and more frequently than emails. After sending an email newsletter and getting a So in the DACH region consumers were provided with an online Amazon voucher code, while in the rest of Europe and the Gulf states they received email vouchers for use in-store. Dormify wanted to give customers that relevancy, but didn't want to face the challenge of manually crafting so many different promotions, which is where automation came in. Email Marketing: Digital wallet Dashlane uses customer reviews to increase clickthrough rate on already optimized newsletter As more and more personal data is stored online, the most important question password manager Dashlane needed to answer for customers was, "Can you be trusted? The thing that might be stopping people from purchasing, he said, is that this is a fairly new technology for people who haven't yet considered incorporating password management technology into their lives. For many emails, the body copy was nearly identical. Profitworks has paid close attention to what is important to us and how we want to market our company and we are pleased with the results. Over the past year, Gardner and her team have been personalizing three automated email series: a welcome series, cart abandonment and a post-purchase. So they used their latest feature of behavioral segmentation to map out their email list. Read the nine most popular case studies from this year to see how marketers from both B2B and B2C companies best utilized email. They would send follow up emails to potential customers based on what was left abandoned in their inbox and what their needs may be based on demographic information. This is also a great chance for your subscribers to learn about your company mission, as well as the products and services you provide. In the case of Craghoppers, a travel clothing company, they used Redeye's dynamic tagging system to help track items that shoppers had in their cart before abandoning their purchase.

It really made sense to us to introduce a product that fit in with that routine. Time your SMS correctly: Text marketing is accessible and more affordable than email marketing.

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It takes a lot of work to hit all the right notes. They pulled it off by ensuring each email sought to achieve a single, measurable goal. You have to make sure your email open rate is the best it can be. Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby, realized this after he created this masterpiece of a shipping confirmation email : Source: Smashing Magazine The email went viral. Also, the question became, "How do we use the other days throughout the year to share what the impact of your visit to the fair [does] in our community? This post gets into the nitty gritty of driving the traffic, managing the flood of interest and actually delivering the free products. This same information was then used to tailor the email messages with up to six alternative products the customer might be interested in. Watsi, for example, uses email to support their product. As a shaving company, they are competing against institutions like Gillette. Mailigen is a provider that helps companies improve their email, mobile and social efforts. However, the benefits of email are substantial and striking, especially compared to social and search channels. Thanks for your interest in Delivra!

List segmentation is powerful. Those who referred friends earned free products.

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The company has an enterprise marketing team, catering to both B2B and B2C, and Martin's team is digital, supporting the enterprise and the segment marketers. They gave away a ton of free razors that week but it cost way less than broadcasting the upcoming launch on traditional advertising channels. Digital Marketer is one of the leading marketing blogs out there. As a shaving company, they are competing against institutions like Gillette. Make the message worthwhile. One of the mistakes a lot of people make when sending SMS to their customers is including too many messages into a single text message. Improve branding and build customer rapport through email communication.

Because of this, customers were reaching out to the call center and visiting the website at all hours of the day. So for example, it focused on the additional space PlayStation Plus subscribers would gain to use with downloadable content, whereas with PS3 users it focused on the cross-play features of the PS Vita and PS3.

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Email Marketing Case Studies: How 4 Companies Increased Their Open Rates