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Prepare students first with suitable taste vocabulary. You can record your own, or use some from the Internet. At the end of a reading task or activity, make a list of the words they have learned for the day. You might ask students to assume the persona of one particular theorist and project how he or she would address a specific situation or another theorist.

Writing Assignments Across the Curriculum Writing Assignments Across the Curriculum Below are descriptions of 35 types of writing assignments teachers may use. Or watch the evening news.

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Description writing assignments: Simply describe all of the elements in the picture. NeedAssignmentHelp is the one-stop solution for providing all the English assignment help online, assignment writing assistanceEnglish tutor online and many more services. What if you felt something moving in your mouth after you bit your burger…?

Any late papers including those returned to students for failing to turn in all required materials will be penalized on your daily work grade. Synthesis essay and in-class practice Literature review and synthesis Textual Analysis: In a textual analysis, students are asked to examine a non-literary text such as a scholarly article and describe the way that it functions or serves a specific purpose.

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FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. As we have discussed earlier, English language carves our future and career. What if you were the person who took the picture? What would it be like? Words come with example sentences and definitions. If not, would you start watching it? Tell them to go to Oscar. Discipline All Case Study Applying course concepts through case studies affords students the opportunity to test their understanding of what they are learning, to experience firsthand the methods of a particular discipline, and to see the uses and values of these methods. This could be shared as a speaking and listening activity, and then the whole class could write about it. Get Moved by Music Everybody loves music! What other shapes could you make instead? Their homework assignment is to enter each of the new words in their Word Book. The person who is learning English finds these terms to be very confusing and often do mistakes in not only speaking but writing as well.
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