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Teacher: Ok, thank you.

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Start by eliciting the vocab of each object. A thrift shop called a charity shop in Britain is a store run by a charitable organization, such as the Salvation Army, which collects and then sells items like clothes, sports equipment, or furniture that people no longer want. Elicit the object drawings on the game board. Leave extra spaces for special items that you need once in a while. I have conjured up six awesome role play activities—plus some fun extra stuff—for you to use in your class to have them learn all they will need. Membership cards at grocery stores are usually free. Teacher: Yes, please.

A pharmacy, like a drugstore, is a store that sells medicines and often other items, but it can also be part of a store, where medicines are prepared and sold.

The money that is collected is donated to an old people's home, hospital, or some other institution. That is what the shop employees are there for, and they are often paid better or looked upon more favorably by management for delivering great service!

You can even create a master list using the sections above. This will come in handy when your students are out there in the big shopping world and cannot find the price anywhere.

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Clerks and salespeople are often trained to seek out and interact with customers. Elicit the object drawings on the game board. Finally, quickly read through the story again to check the answers.

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In class, lay out the objects along a table so everyone can see all the objects. At the end, find out which group is the winner with the most points. Here you are. The ideal number is five of each, you can duplicate the cards if your class is larger than Some drugstores, especially members of large American retail chains such as Rite Aide or CVS, may even have a one-hour photo processing department on the premises, where customers can have photos developed and printed. Are you going to use this store a few times? Start by eliciting the vocab of each object. New Learning and Practice: 1. How much are they? Now that the students know a simple rundown and useful phrases for their shopping experience in an English-speaking country, on to the role play activities! As you go through each page, point to the pictures of the ingredients and get everyone to speculate what they might be, for example: Teacher: reading from page 3 and 4 "Hello, may I help you? Play "Guess the price" Before class, prepare 8 to 10 objects that you know the prices of in the local currency check in stores or online for current prices.

Say the price. Reality-based situations are quite effective and these role plays are pretty simple to use.

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A mall or shopping mall called a shopping centre in Britain is a very large building or group of buildings that contains a large number of stores and restaurants, sometimes a movie theater, and usually has plenty of space outside for parking: Sarah likes to hang out at the mall with her friends.

Look at those on page 4. Now, give each student a bag and ask them to look inside their bag. Hello, may I help you?

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