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The attitudes are respectable, responsible, and decency. These have become common lifestyle diseases and are a cause of worry allover the world.

If a proper care is given to them, they can be a responsible Indian in the Future.

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Conclusion So in past years our Indian Culture has changed a lot. Geert Hofstede 's work on national culture is considered significant. New thinking are evolving between society. And respectable is a nature of direct interaction which is they done every day, and it will be the part of their culture. We should try to remain the direct communication like what primitive people do to be a person with some attitude that can bring us to be a better person with a better life. Its merger with another society may make it a subsystem. They walk around to transport and they do it everyday. Families stopped visiting and merely communicate via social networks. However, let us also hope, that this progress will not erode the human values and culture that continues to flourish in the rural areas, in spite of winds of change. A society may perish due to some catastrophe. In modern era, the food serves with interesting look, and processed with some essence added to the materials. Solution: — Parents should take care of their teens. Problem: — Our next Generation will remain unaware about our Indian Culture and slowly they forget it. The resettlement of the refugees that came from the then Western and Eastern wings of Pakistan changed the demography and affected the economy of the places where they were rehabilitated.

Fashion spreads like a fire. They should also make their teens frank with them and their family. No one is there to make them understand about this. Because we need other person to contribute in our live, we need to master the key of relationship which are interaction and communication.

Easily available, preserved and chemically treated food has also contributed to health risks. When India became independent, it became a union with the merger of several princely states that had a special relationship with British India, but it also lost some of its territory and a sizeable population.

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So the present generation of children are very much unaware of our Indian Culture. Then how do they know Moral values in their life.

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Solution: — Parents should spend a valuable time with their children discussing about our culture and tradition. As modern people in globalization era we need these tools to interact and communicate with other people especially in distance area, but we do not need this tool to communicate with our neighbors and our friends, what happened now?

Althought there is no technology in their live and it will let them left behind others, they feel comfortable with that. We all know that cinema is the mirror of our society.

essay on changing india
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Changing Values in Indian Culture