Essay on discipline and education

The nature of water is to flow where gravity takes it.

Essay on discipline and education

It can also be said to mean any form of training that is meant to yield a particular character or behavioural pattern. For this he should get up early in the morning.

essay on importance of discipline

It must be instilled in us from very young age. True discipline therefore provides for both individual and group welfare in a democratic society. Lack of discipline or not following discipline causes problem, disorder or conflict.

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As students, we learn to be disciplined — sincere, dedicated, confident, punctual, respect elders, and follow rules. What exactly does discipline and management mean. Thus an unduly authoritative education turns the pupils into timid tyrants, incapable of either claiming or tolerating originality in word or deed. It is a sort of self-control reflected in public actions. Flowers bloom in their seasons. One who is disciplined raises high in life. A country cannot face extern wars if its armed forces are not disciplined. For this there will be no possibility of creating problems of indiscipline.

Being on time shows reliability. There are two kinds of treatment Leadership to make them aware of their best human impulses, and of the fact that there are valuable purposes in life, leadership to put them on the road to discipline and freedom, and to support and inspire them on their journey along it.

Essay on Discipline — Types, Principles and Challenges Essay 9 — Words We all have come across the word discipline some time or the other in our life.

Importance of discipline essay in 500 words

For instance, it helps you remain more focused on what you intend to do. It is most essential to keep and maintain co-operation between principal and teachers, teachers and lady teachers, teachers and pupils, teachers and guardians and students and students. Are these two terms related or are they different. What a good statement to include in the introduction of a discipline essay! Picture the following: In classroom A, the students are all quietly working in small groups as the teacher walks between the groups lending support when needed It drives us towards the correct way of doing things. I think that this plan should just provide a base for the classroom, and should be structured around prevention, respect and consistency In academic institutions, discipline is simply the efforts and also responses of the educator to punish erring students. He taught us how to remain disciplined and try to be the perfect human being we all can actually be. The great educationist John Dewey has influenced sufficiently. Due to increase in population, management of discipline is hard because misbehavior incidences increase due to poverty and discipline management is compromised through these economic hardships. Will this world be able to move forward without discipline? No rules, however wise, are a substitute for affection and tact. Without discipline there is only chaos and unruliness. So, when we consider systematically spending money, with a planned calculation, we can say it is part of your personal discipline.
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