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During the yearmore than 4. The launching of Eighth Plan was delayed by two years due to political instability in the country. The Fourth Five Year Plan gave importance to planning at the district level and to experimental studies on growth centres for evolving a planning strategy at the grass-root level.

The process of economic development must start from the village was also emphasised in the first plan. Essay 4. In respect of PMRY, total employment generated was 1. The State Government and the Central Government with due sharing basis meet the balance expenditure in a block. However, the programme had been merged with the Integrated Rural Development Programme since 2nd October Again, number of beneficiaries under NMBS were 1.

importance of rural development

The NSAP is a centrally sponsored programme with per cent central funding and it is intended to ensure that social protection to the beneficiaries throughout the country is uniformly available without interruption. In Orissa, the programme was launched in covering 52 blocks in the districts of Cuttack, Puri, Balasore, Sambalpur and Bolangir.

During the Fifth Plan the major achievement was, conducting of a large number of multi-crop demonstrations to make the farmers aware of the needs for having three cropping patterns.

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Brief Essay on Rural Development in India ( Words)