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Read's ideas had their origin the German Bauhaus school of art, which had used a similar method prior to its closure by the Nazis in Students use statistics to describe and analyse phenomena that involve uncertainty and variation. We also offer a range of social activities to help you make friends and adjust to your new environment. BCA has an excellent campus which Foundation Studies students have full use of for all subjects. The first aim of this subject is to introduce students to the accounting literacy and problem-solving skills that are required by professionals to prepare and analyse financial reports and make appropriate decisions about the future of the business. Learn with supportive teachers. The aim of the course was to teach what were considered to be the basic skills that underpin all art and design activities, including architecture. This program provides students with the opportunity to add an additional elective to their studies and complete the program over three terms rather than the four terms of the Standard Program. Whether you've just come from high school or travelled from another country, you'll get a taste of university life at Western Sydney University. Students taking ANU undergraduate courses must complete the University assessment. By using functions and their derivatives and integrals, and by mathematically modelling physical processes, students develop an understanding of the physical world through a knowledge of relationships involving rates of change. When you enrol your teacher will help you choose the subjects that suit you best and meet your degree program's entry requirements. Bilingual staff members. The result of this was that the theories of the basic design course were very widely disseminated, which helped the programme to become so widespread.

Class sizes are smaller to meet the needs of the students. Individual attention Our staff are here to help you. To this end, students are taught concepts and methodologies that promote the development of independent analytical thinking skills via lecture listening, note taking and interactive tutorial style classes.

It is important that you enrol in the correct Foundation Studies courses to allow you to progress to your degree program. General Mathematics The aim of the General Mathematics course is to prepare students for tertiary study in a variety of areas where an ability to critically analyse information and work with data is inherent.

There are a wide range of work experience opportunities on and off site which include the BCA Shop which is managed and run by the Foundation Studies department. Bilingual staff members.

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Students must pass final examinations in order to pass each course.

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Foundation course