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The BBC broadcast footage of police opening fire and using tear gas to disperse a crowd of thousands last Friday. The channel was earlier suspended, and then denied an operating license last year, for its documentary on the valley which the government said was completely biased, and then for showing a map of India that showed Kashmir as a disputed zone.

The news organisations however have said their videos are "genuine" and they can produce the raw footage if required.

global business report bbc urdu

In May, after the government denied to renew the channel's license, the channel agreed to not show the UN certified map that presents Kashmir in red, as "conflict zone. Like other broadcasters we are currently operating under severe restrictions in Kashmir but we will continue to report what is happening.

The report that mentioned over 10, people in the valley took part in the protest against India on Friday morning and another that said the army had resorted to violence to counter peaceful protesters in western Srinagar are particularly being discussed.

bbc business matters

Updated: Aug 12, Officials in Al Jazeera confirmed to ET they received calls from Indian officials "telling them that the videos were fake as per their reports" and that they should not be misleading "people in these times.

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