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It is never explicitly declared, but the men on the run seem to resolve to be as little like Nelson as possible. O Brother, Where Art Thou? The movie itself is enjoyable, and for me is much more so when watching it as a standalone piece that has the occasional character here and there.

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Ulysses is distrustful, vain, and crafty. Ulysses never had hamartia; his most dangerous flaw was poor planning—a lesson he never learns, owing to constant deus ex machina. He acts on feelings that have bult over time, and convinces the men he is chained to to escape with him so he can stop the marriage. Ulysses is the main character, and though he tells his companions they are looking for treasure, he is really seeking his wife Holly Hunter back home, who is dangerously close to falling into the arms of another man. It is debatable how much he actually shares with the original protagonist, but it can also be argued that Odysseus was generic enough as a main character that he is easily replicated in any story. Like his counterpart, he is trying to return to his wife, but arrives to a very different circumstance than the character originally found himself in. When his friend Tommy is captured by the KKK for example, Ulysses and his two other companions impersonate Klan members in order to rescue him, when it would be much easier, and safer to just escape. Nostos only concern the latter, and thus lack a Call. The Threshold Guardians: Ulysses and company encounter a variety of diverse threats throughout the journey. However, upon closer inspection, both actually share a lot in common.

Tricks a record producer to get money from a song they record, and tricks a man who gives them a ride into leaving his car unattended so that he can steal it. His imprisonment jeopardizes this however, and he decides he must take action when he discovers that his Penny is close to becoming married to a suitor.

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He predicts that they will find treasure, but not necessarily the treasure they are looking for. The result is below; formatted, but unedited. Odysseus is courageous, but arrogant, selfish, and devious: perfect antiheroic qualities.

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Joel Coen. They have broken the law by escaping, which would add another 50 years to their current sentences. In The Odyssey, Odysseus portrays an important trait to the story, perseverance.

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The result is below; formatted, but unedited. It is their time to die, justice has found them at last. This is a vague statement, but at the time, it affirms the men in their quest for riches. He causes the men to be motivated towards their goal, which carries the story forward, and his words act as foreshadowing because in the end, Ulysses does indeed find an unexpected fortune; his family. The movie itself is enjoyable, and for me is much more so when watching it as a standalone piece that has the occasional character here and there. Campbell synthesized his theory from a hodgepodge of diverse cultural myths. He sees his daughters and his wife, and notices that they have changed their names. The Mentor: The Blind man driving a handcart is the mentor in this story.

They are enchanted, and drugged by the women, to the point of unconsciousness.

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