How dangerous is social media for teenagers

For this reason, parents need to handle sexting in their teens. Talking gives you the opportunity to help your child: work out how she wants to behave and be treated by other people online understand the risks involved in using social media — for example, risks like being tagged in an embarrassing photo taken at a party understand the dangers involved in sharing content and personal information — this includes not only content that your child shares but also images of your child that other people share, or posts and images that others tag your child to learn how to navigate the risks — for example, if your child posts an identifiable image of herself, she can reduce risk by not including any other personal information learn what to do if people ask for personal details, are mean or abusive online, post embarrassing photos of her, or share information that links back to her manage her own digital footprint — for example, you could talk about what your child would like her digital footprint to say about her now and in the future.

psychological effects of social media on youth

The key is to stay involved in a way that makes your kids understand that you respect their privacy but want to make sure they're safe. They also have access to the internet in the form of WiFi or cellular data. Social media refers to any digital platform, system, website or app that enables people to create and share content, and connect with each other.

Member Organisations. No parents want their kids to do such things on their phones and devices. If the situation appears to be getting out of control, seek help. This agreement could be part of a family media plan.

What's Good About Social Media Social media can help kids: stay connected with friends and family volunteer or get involved with a campaign, nonprofit, or charity enhance their creativity by sharing ideas, music, and art meet and interact with others who share similar interests communicate with educators and fellow students What's Bad About Social Media The flipside is that social media can be a hub for things like cyberbullying and questionable activities.

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Teaching Kids to Be Smart About Social Media (for Parents)