How to start your own pole dancing business plan

Pole dance studio names

They made way more cash in the strip clubs - why would they teach a pole class for a measly 20 bucks an hour?? The Moment of Glory Build complete? I believe there is ever one set up by the American sports association although it is rather expensive. So effortless and serene. You are right on point about being cautious. For Federal name protection you would need to file for a Trademark. Who pays for the plumber if the toilet gets clogged?

You should also begin the process of applying for a trademark for your logo, as this can take a few months to be approved. I believe there is ever one set up by the American sports association although it is rather expensive.

Among other things, I believe it removes an insurance company's ability to deny insurance based on prior health issues.

How to become a certified pole dance instructor

From your decor, your poles, flooring, attitude, lighting and much more. Take your time and find one that provides all the services you need and at reasonable fees. Where does the drive come from? Going it solo vs partnering up Decide whether or not you want to do this on your own, with other partners, or if you want to be part of a larger system which may offer added support from site selection to the end result. Anther girl on here was writing in the forum that her local studio went belly up. What I find interesting is that the owner never even comes in back to see what's going on. Offer other gitness type classes and advertise a lot. Many studios trade services with their instructors. If you have a laptop you already own, you could bring it to your studio instead of a separate purchase. Accounting System: Even if you retain an accountant you will need to keep track of Income and expenses. Pole dancing is an increasingly growing art form and new opportunities are opening up for us every day that allow us to live life doing what we love.

From there we will be able to spread the word that dancing is a fun and exciting way to spend time. They don't want to miss out on their piece of the American Dream.

how much do pole instructors make

We work so they can play. A local commercial bank may provide more service than the large internationals.

how much money can a pole studio make

There are still people who have some familiarity with pole dancing but do not know what a pole studio is. Just because you might be an amazing dancer, doesn't mean you necessarily have the knowledge to spot another student.

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Starting a Pole Studio