How to write a letter of complaint to airline

Also, if a baggage has been lost for a minimum period of 7 days for a domestic flight and 21 days for international flight, such passenger will be entitled to compensation in addition to baggage fee refund.

complaint letter to airline damaged luggage

Looks like in this example, Rick did this on Mon AM. We realize many customers experienced delays and similar problems, but we still felt like things could have been handled better.

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Arriving exhausted at pm with children and a 3 hr drive, we had to get a hotel. What seemed like an easy solution was getting harder by the moment. They claim the "bonus offers" always begin upon card approval and not card activation. We had now spent two days in a row waiting at the airport for four hours, or eight between the two days before the flight finally took off.

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The agent told us that we would have to talk to an AA agent in SLC and that there was nothing she could do for us. It is too late at that point to go back and explain the situation to the American Airlines employee.

Complaint letter to airline lost luggage

Complete the document Answer a few questions and your document is created automatically. Include the flight number, date, time and beginning and ending destinations in your letter, so the airline has all the data it needs to investigate your complaint. But an interruption in service on the flight mentioned above has prompted my request for a 50 percent reduction in airfare on my next flight. Children began to be restless, and being 25 weeks pregnant the stress and anxiety of the situation began taking a toll on me as well. Isnt there something good about having old credit cards in your credit fileā€¦ after that, all my new cards are only about years old. The return flight was delayed, then canceled due to a computer outage. Not just a single failure to perform, which can definitely be understood. Both Citi and chase pull experien in my state. It was imperative that I make my connection in Chicago, and had my original flight been cancelled, there were another airline that could have accommodated my needs. Got my 10K without having to pay the annual fee.
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Airline Complaint Letter