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Step One: Free your mind.

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Am I right? They will all be as ready as you are to watch the NFL League Championship games, even if they are a few days away. I brought that up with their sales audit team and they were unconcerned. Step Four: Check your email. Please make sure to sign in to retail sites beforehand for easy reviewing. It will no doubt be a different store, more than a mile away. Buy two or three limes and some other items you need. Step Two: Seltzer. When they screw up they offer to reship the item and even expedite the order, however they fail to tell you that your will take six days to arrive. The money they are saving by outsourcing will make up for the switch everyone seems to be making to other venues. A good writer will buy the lesser pickle; a great writer will demand to be satisfied. I was pretty disappointed. There is nothing sadder than an out-of-touch author unaware of trends in movies and in Sudoku puzzles.

If they said 3 weeks when I was placing the order I would have decided than to either go somewhere else, or wait. Box and a physical street address.

Amazon: Click the Amazon icon and you will be brought to Your Reviews. Get some pudding. Or seltzer. Get some of those pickles you like, too.

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When you get to the cashier, you and your seltzer, buy some batteries too, because you never know. I thought expedite meant fast, quickly, rush and so on, maybe it is a language thing. I was pretty disappointed. Basically they cannot do anything.

Maybe with a slice of lime?

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Eat a celebratory pudding cup. Check the fridge. It will remain in this section until you click on the available retail links or for 31 days past the publication date.

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