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In growing closer to the wonderful people who made up my community group, I found myself growing closer to Jesus and becoming more equipped to live out my faith in every corner of my life. This past year has once again been filled with many opportunities to learn, grow, share and serve.

I am convinced that these life trials are what call us together as the community of faith. Would you commit your talents to join in the Gospel work that God is inviting you into?

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The re-organized team also started new partnerships with Intervarsity and Young Life. Join us!

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Financially, we look toward the coming year and plan our budget on faith — faith that God will provide, faith that our ministry partners will grow and faith that God will continue to use us to cultivate His kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

In other words, we do not exist for ourselves, but we exist because of Jesus, so that the world would know and experience Jesus in their lives. We have around children in our Sunday school every week and saw children attend VBS this year — from inside and outside the family of All Souls.

May the peace and mercy of Christ always be evident among us. This has allowed us to once again redefine our age groups for the under high school youth. We continue to lift up the families and friends of these loved ones.

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Annual Ministry Report