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So it is not possible to verify their accuracy.

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Page numbers in your main text could be accomplished with just the number in brackets, though if you have multiple it might be a bit more complex.

Get as much of your data as you can in the first month and show this to your supervisor. The idea behind it might relate more to her affinity with nature, or the parallels she draws between flowers and people.

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Another good idea is to read what you're writing aloud to get more of a sense of the rhythm and the diction of the whole thing. Above all, leave yourself sufficient time for revision, and try to come back to it with new eyes. You may think that it is just the cover of your essay, but it is an important component, and you should treat it properly. This option is brilliant if you struggle coming up with an order for your ideas straight away. Data that you expect is probably available i. Once the main body of the essay is complete, it is possible to finalize the introduction which tells the reader what to expect and the conclusion which says what has been achieved, including notes of any limitations and any questions that have not been resolved. Because it can be boring. And intelligently use a couple of quotes from it in your Extended Essay. This can take the form of a mind map, a list, a Word Doc. Of course the question needs to be one that is answerable within the word limit. The IBO criteria in this respect is quite clear: your introduction must not be the same as your conclusion.

Every year there's a student who does this normally without realising it. More About Extended Essay Format The main research question of your extended definition essay should be clear and sharp. February 5, edited The title is pretty much self-explanatory lol but if not, this is a post about writing an a1 language ee, primarily focused on english obviously, and based largely on personal experience.

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The main focus should be your research question and why you've chosen it, and the word 'significance' is best mentioned here explicitly to hit the criteria. When I wrote my extended essay I had a sort of essay written without a research question at all, and then I was trying to reverse-tailor it to make it make sense. Follow these steps in the order given before attempting an outline: 1. Drama and poetry are interesting in this sense because you can achieve quite a bit of comparative depth and you won't necessarily be unable to look at the texts involved when you're done - novels are probably harder to deal with, if ultimately more rewarding. This can take the form of a mind map, a list, a Word Doc. What has proven more difficult than you expected and how have you dealt with this? You will build your entire extended essay around it.

Define your ideas Take a moment to free your mind from all the details, facts, quotes and data. In this case, an example of proxy research would be if you could find research on the sales of organic cucumbers.

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Have you found it hard or easy to plan your work? If your outline is good, your paper should be easy to write.

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In Business you'll need 4 or 5 of these. Seeking professional writing guidance? Consider, what information you would need to answer those questions. Just use short sentences and bullets. The implication, of course, is if you play the deadlines right you can get almost a third of the marks 12 points of 36 just by polishing it properly. Eventually, in a moment of breathless, orgasmic joy, you will realize that it's time to finalize and submit your ee. Chances are it will have convinced you of something. It's best though not always possible to have a clear relationship between consecutive sections, and since the essay must be structured as an argument sections can help you make the development of thought clearer. While students should have a sense of the direction and key focus of their essay, it is sometimes advisable to finalize the introduction once the body of the essay is complete.

And intelligently use a couple of quotes from it in your Extended Essay.

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How to Write an Extended Essay: The Fullest Guide