How to write augment in a sentence

augment definition

A forum was added for discussion, learning and augmenting of skills. Augmenting-for-the-tour backing vocalists Magic Tour. A path with available capacity is called an augmenting path. Ceiling fans whir all day long, augmenting the air conditioning.

Infusion of calcium concomitant with the diuresis will further augment renal magnesium excretion.

grievance in a sentence

Returning to Sicily, he passed the winter in that country, and endeavoured to augment his little army. The room was clouded with tobacco smoke, and still Lablache belched out fresh clouds to augment the reek of the atmosphere.

pernicious in a sentence

Its maritime commerce then must augment and must triumph over all competition. During these years Pete was augmenting his income as a rodeo contestant.

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Use augment in a sentence