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But these are not linear. To make a living, he is working as an editor at ARTnews.

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When I die, I want him to watch over me, to know that my body became a corpse, to know I didn't just leave him. Version 1 was submitted to journals. I realized the novel had a back story, and I started writing that, and it turned out to be a prequel. And if so where? Closet doors. He had a great reading voice. I think back to his puppy days, following him until he peed. Imagine I had a working draft, a draft, and then version 1. You focus not merely on the body as metaphor, but on its substance and materiality. The purpose of this assignment is for you to focus on a single primary source in detail and to think about how form creates meaning. SVL: How do you usually come up with a story? Her father was a professor of physics at the University of Rochester, well known for his early experiments with X rays; he also read a great deal outside his field and had a good library of English poetry and novels.

The poem was singled out and we broke it down in great detail. SVL: You seem to reject the figure of a traditional narrator in your fiction, in favour of characters who tell their own stories.

Because chance encounters are important, he works well in New York: its sirens and distractions are useful to him. Disability issue.

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The students sat quietly and listened. The book was finally published in

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