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She sheds light upon how these women should not stop impacting the world around them just because they have graduated. By including this choice in her speech, Albright displays to her audience how seemingly mere actions have the ability to expand and impact society on a greater scale.

Madeleine albright commencement speech 1997 analysis

Being able to handle the difficult and complex tasks evident in the world of politics with conviction, she was able to make room for another possibility of having another woman take her footstep. What this means is that Madeleine Albright has had experience with the media industry which is probably why she is able to fully understand them and why she knows how to handle them properly. References: Solomon, N. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. While raising her three daughters, Albright also earned Masters and Doctoral post-graduate degrees in Public Law and Government from Columbia University. Returning to Czechoslovakia after the Second World War, Albright and her family were once again prompted to leave Czechoslovakia due to the insurgence of Communist powers in the country. Neither has anyone become bold in representing the United States in the field of international relations like Madeleine Albright. We were also able to learn that being a good speaker as well as being charismatic to the media is important for a leader to succeed. It was during her stay in the United States that Madeleine Albright decided to pursue a political science degree.

The pressure of expectations from the people who support and doubt her served as the driving force behind Albright determination and persistence as an international relations advocate. Being the first women elected as the Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright has gained the reputation to be considered as one of the important women leaders in the world.

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Because of her frequent visits to nations that may have leaders that are not adept with the English language, with her knowledge of different languages she could easily overcome these cultural barriers.

With all these information, indeed we could say that Madeleine Albright is a very charismatic leader as well as an excellent icon for women. This not only made her an effective leader but also a celebrated person. Madeleine Albright: The Voice of America. Her early interest in politics especially in foreign affairs as influenced by her father and her good wok ethic as a result of her being a hardworking student eventually made her develop attributes necessary to become a good leader.

Lastly, the repetition utilized at the end of her lecture highlights the importance of harnessing dynamic potential to transform society.

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