Magnify your calling

He walked in poverty and in sickness. When you put the lenses to your eyes and focus them, you magnify and in effect bring closer all within your field of vision.

Magnify your calling

For eleven years, he walked almost alone, without friends. If we are to magnify our callings, we cannot live only unto ourselves. We are also concerned about the financial requests made upon our people. On a day-to-day basis, fire-starting is probably one of the least useful and more dangerous uses of magnification.

On the other hand, looking through the wrong lens shrinks and shrivels our power and diminishes our contribution.

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I seek no station. You will need that magnification. He had some challenges, I was worried about him, and I hoped to visit with his single parent. While there may be times when our Church callings require more intense effort and unusual focus, we need to strive to keep things in proper balance.

We serve Him by serving others because we love Him. He was accepted.

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Many units are now planning major youth conferences on a two-year or three-year basis rather than each year.

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A Call To Magnify Your Calling