Market segmentation in the auto industry

Such smaller and niche market segments often represent new or growing markets that are important for all manufacturers.

Market segmentation in the auto industry

The overall share fell to 8. A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the importance of market segmentation in the automotive industry. The only channels that are expansive enough to cover all possible buyer groups are television and print media. In automotive industry, we can say that all automobile manufacturers aim several market segments such as high and low incomed, young and old, looking for comfort or usableness, women and men etc. Fin-land, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium also have high proportion of the E-segment cars. In order to compete in the industry they also have different product lines serving other segments too. The market with highest penetration of sports cars is Switzerland, closely followed by Luxembourg. Off roaders Just getting around Consumers in this particular market segment view cars as having a functional benefit only. What is Market Segmentation or Customer Segmentation? Increasing income of a working woman and the quick time of city life the consumption behaviour changes and also total demand increases. From their advertisements, we can understand what the target segment is. Belgium Switzerland and Luxembourg are significant markets for this segment, relative to their small size. Hence, to avoid all the confusions the Indian passenger cars are popularly divided into the below mentioned segments according to the following properties. Psychographic and behavioral segmentation are at the core of the latest trend of personalization. Automobile companies are masters at spotting and leveraging these differences.

Still others buy a car as a status symbol. Turkey is not good enough. China, India, Brasil and US are the leaders worldwide. In many textbooks regarding the automotive industry, a similar analysis is conducted with respect to the differentiation, and the extend to which the company has a global focus.

For players to succeed in an increasingly competitive market such as the automotive, it is essential to segment the market into identifiable subgroups and develop precise custom marketing mix for each subgroup to drive growth.

As a result, automotive industry players will have to be cost relevant, efficient, and more responsive to the changes in the automotive industry trends to be a part of this change in the coming years.

Here we simply choose the segment in which the company sells most units. It is thus critical to the success of a product to get market segmentation right.

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A product is bound to have features that solve certain pain points better than others. Related topics All material copyright and for educational purposes only.

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Market Segmentation for Automobiles