National center for social research

Papers in Conference Proceedings The research concerns the organizational characteristics and the socio-professional trajectories of the founders of the most important non-profitable cultural institutions created in Athens after At the same time, it receives foreign scholars who wish to conduct research in Vietnam, assisting them in contacting Vietnamese scholars and in making use of documents in the NCSSH collection.

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Kotzamanis, A. Epitheorisi Kinonikon Spoudon, n.

centre for social research

It is the most significant public agency in the field of social research. Vamvakas, P.

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Edited volumes Van Kempen, M. Emmanouil, E. Today EKKE today performs a new role for social research: That of researching the social and financial dimensions of development and their connection to the formulation of development policy. Higher education in Greece and France — Research Report submitted to European Commission. Economic classes, status strata and patterns of cultural and material consumption, Athens, Alexandria, p. Within this framework, the Center's scientific community recognizes that the necessary mechanism must be in place to assure that scientific research be ongoing. The Center currently has 16 institutes, 7 research centers, a museum of ethnology, and various research support offices. Papers in Conference Proceedings The remainder are research support staff such as administrators, information personnel, librarians, etc. Women's Issues. In , the number of scholars with academic degrees includes: - I member of a foreign academy of science - 28 professors - 86 associate professors - M. Contribution to Tasan-Kok T.

Contribution to Tasan-Kok T. Kaftantzoglou, Kandylis G.

centre for social research
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MAGEEQ participants: National Center for Social Research, Greece