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A few Paramedic essays and special law enforcement officers primarily perform jail-related duties or work in courts. They need to be resilient and be able to take on any task or situation that may arise.

The days of the big dumb ambulance drivers are gone. Aspirin is used for many different reasons. The ethical issues in this case can be described as what the paramedic believes is the right thing to do for the patient and the legal issues control what the law describes that the paramedic should do in this situation 2, I was so excited about having so much freedom, that I was driving every day, with no hesitation.

Both of these aspects appeal to me. The NHS does not constrain paramedics to offer specific treatments or certain pathways of care, but allows them to use their clinical judgment and experience or utilise the discretion of a doctor.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Care is give following very strict rules and guidelines; and when necessary they transport the patient to a hospital or trauma center.

Paramedics are trained in all of the Basic Life Saving BLS skills and in the use of manual defibrillation, transcutaneous cardiac pacing, 12 lead ECGs, advanced airway management, including surgical airways, intravenous access, intraosseous She was in mid-sleep.

Paramedics who are helping people when they are at their most vulnerable, are no exception.

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EMT/Paramedic Essay Example