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ApproximatelyCanadians are on waiting lists for medical procedures.

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In the nations were much closer, with Canada spending 7. However, the major changes come with huge monetary costs. How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. The provinces all have some programs to help the poor and seniors have access to drugs, but while there have been calls to create one, no national program exists. Infant and child mortality rates are also higher in the U. Also, some procedures are only covered under certain circumstances. All have attempted to make it a reality, but only one had succeeded. The ACA was also designed to protect consumers from insurance company tactics that might drive up patient costs or restrict care. The Tax Cut and Jobs Act restored the deduction to the 7. In terms of population health, life expectancy in was about two and a half years longer in Canada, with Canadians living to an average of Check out:. Another ancillary cost is marketing both by insurance companies and health care providers.

However, the major changes come with huge monetary costs. In the U.

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The ACA also aims to prevent insurers from making unreasonable rate increases. Private spending for health care is also far greater in the U.

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Essay Topic: Cons Controversy always surrounds change. Pros More Americans have health insurance More than 16 million Americans obtained health insurance coverage within the first five years of the ACA. Access to family doctors and specialists may also be limited due to too many patients and not enough doctors. The governments of both nations are closely involved in the delivery of health care. Often times, this new policy came with a higher monthly premium than they were previously paying because it covered more services as required by the ACA. They will schedule appointments for a common cold or simply for just something to do and someone to talk to. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Pros and Cons Essay - One of the most controversial topics in the United States in recent years has been the route which should be undertaken in overhauling the healthcare system for the millions of Americans who are currently uninsured. The current health care system is marked by inefficient interaction between the public and private sectors of the economy. Many of these people were unemployed or had low-paying jobs.

In addition, the majority of Canadian provinces supply coverage for programs such as home health care, long-term care, pharmaceuticals and durable health care equipment, though these services do have minimal co-pays.

HMOs had been declining before the law; by there were such plans enrolling 76 million people. Drug prices are also regulated, so brand-name prescription drugs are often significantly cheaper than in the U.

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Princeton University health economist Uwe E.

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Pros and Cons of Us Healthcare System