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Advertising appeals moderators and impact on persuasion

Problem Statement Advertising is supposed to create a positive and strong relationship between consumers and advertisers. It is apparent from the cross tabulation table that I focused deeply on my objective and take certain precautions to attain the best results of my research. Hence accept H2. Advertisement acts as a stimulus for consumers and they react by buying or not buying the product. The way message is communicated to the viewers, readers and audience is done through the appeal, the advertisement carries. Hence accept H1. Ayanwale, Taiwo Alimi and Matthew A.

Then these two broad appeals are further classified into music, humor, fear, sex, romantic, statistic, comparison, adventure, and band wagon appeals etc. They now create quality and practical ads and that shows the brand maturity and status. H2: Consumer perception of a brand depends on advertising appeals used.

emotional appeal advertising

Brand Preference Measure of brand loyalty in which a consumer will choose a particular brand in presence of competing brands, but will recognize substitutes if that brand is not available. Data Analysis Validity and Reliability Questionnaires are carefully prepared in order to make sure that they remain reliable.

Visual and Verbal imaging. Following different theories can be used as advertising appeals and these are as under: I. The questions will be close ended questions with ordinal scale.

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Hence accept H1. Different types of advertising appeals are used by companies to encourage individuals to buy their products Fathi and Marwan, The respondents are from metropolitan city and the sample size for this study is including both male and female. Advertising 4 Literature Review Definitions of Advertisement: 1. Means-End theory. It is evident from the cross tabulation that Leverage point.
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Advertising Appeals Research Papers