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To identify factors affecting sustainability performance in Housing Development, and 3. As stated by the U.

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The research findings would be useful for industry professionals responsible for decision making during the design stage of housing developments. Some researchers focused on green technologies in the design stage Ahmad et al.

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Furthermore, water efficiency technologies and energy efficiency technologies had the highest level of importance. Key issues identified by the most widely used assessment tools are site, indoor environment, energy, material resources and water Table 2. Tosics, I. Ohajuruka says that few housing developers are interested in affordable housing, as the profit margins are small. The objective of this study is to develop a framework for a rating system for housing development by taking into account local requirements. The formula of sustainability index in housing development will be produced by adapting critical factors to the successful practice system tools developed in Japan, United States and United Kingdom. However, Malaysia has yet to introduce a rating system for measuring sustainable practices in housing development. Table 1 identifies some of the rating tools employed by various countries. Despite its importance in the global economy, the construction industry has been noted for causing problems that have significant impacts on the environment, economy, and society. Occasional A weekly update on major political events, candidates, and parties. Gibberd suggested that the social and economic issues are essential to be included in the sustainable development of developing countries.

Available Assessment Tools for Building Several systems for evaluating environmental performance of buildings are currently being developed. Sustainable housing development offers a framework for integrating development strategies and environmental policies. LEED n. Summary of green technologies in the design stage of housing development Key references.

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Furthermore, Accra is one of the largest cities of Ghana in terms of housing, infrastructure, and population Central Intelligence Agency, Problems are detailed as follows: a Building design did not take into account energy efficiency and green affordable housing. It acknowledges that development based on environmentally responsible and efficient use of scarce resources is fundamental to satisfy human requirements and ameliorate life quality Manoliadis et al. The formula of the sustainability index in housing development will be based on factors critical to the success of sustainable buildings and housing and the rating systems that apply in Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Abu Hassan Abu Bakar et al. Energy Information and Administration, After a comprehensive literature review on green technologies for sustainable housing development, this study identified 28 green technologies and, based mainly upon Zhang, Platten, et al. The company caters to people who would not otherwise have access to home ownership. Water, 6. Every Friday The Monitor's top education and culture stories delivered weekly. There are numerous green technologies applicable throughout the whole lifecycle of a housing project, from planning and design to operation and management stages Zhang, Platten, et al. Services,

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