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The sun is a naturally giant star that contains many elements, and magnetically sucks everything that is close by into its body.

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Jubah, is the tortured child of Omelas allowed to grow up and walk among the community - the idyllic Southern structure broken, everyone must now deal with the horrors they created.

Learning to analyze literary work systematically can significantly add to your enjoyment and appreciation of literature.

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His significance is deeper and darker than the kind of oppression that whites had been piling upon blacks in the South, because he represents the darkest kind of evil that man can make.

It is a story of an African American laundress who lives in the fear of her common-law husband Jesus who suspects her of carrying a white man's child in her womb and seems hell bent on killing her. Nancy, on the other hand, knows that she is in constant danger for the entirety of her life, that she will never know physical security and peace, that she cannot have marital or familial stability, and that her future is always in doubt.

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Of these circumstances is the Chauvinistic contempt that was invoked upon Nancy. In "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Eve" Robert Frost uses subtle imagery, symbolism, rhythm and rhyme to invoke the yearning for death that the weary traveler of life feels On Maslow's hierarchy, the southern blacks were forced to remain among the very first rungs of food and shelter, and even then those could not be secured.

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We don't mind seeing Caddy and Dilsey again because they are as familiar to Yoknapatawpha as Faulkner is himself. The words in the story are simple but straightforward. For Nancy, Dilsey, and Jubah, survival is paramount. The story begins with the Compson children, giving us the child's-eye-view of one of the most tragic and adult themes: Nancy's status as whore, her beating and imprisonment , her attempted suicide, her pregnancy of unclear origin, the fear of the dark, and the overriding fear of Jubah. In A "Field of Wheat", Martha falls victim to her natural environment and the wrath that nature plays in her life and the life of her family. They do not understand the references made by Judah to the watermelon, they do not understand the real reason the Nancy is afraid, they do not comprehend that her fear is so crippling that her entire sense of reason and propriety is lost. This particular story's purpose then, is not to expand upon these characters so much as it is to express a singular purpose - to illustrate, through the example of Nancy and Jubah, the stark destructive reality of what it means to be an oppressed person and the absolute, crippling fear that an inability to control one's life and fate has upon not only the victim, but upon the victimizers as well. Genesis - And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. Of these circumstances is the Chauvinistic contempt that was invoked upon Nancy.
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