The crucible society affects decisions

The crucible analysis

There was bad blood between the two women now. This shows how society can be blamed for the decisions people make. This is why it is not fair-minded to judge people when they are in a contented part of their lives How could one deal with such enormities in a play? It was as though the court had grown tired of thinking and had invited in the instincts: spectral evidence—that poisoned cloud of paranoid fantasy—made a kind of lunatic sense to them, as it did in plot-ridden , when so often the question was not the acts of an accused but the thoughts and intentions in his alienated mind. In an environment where reputation plays such an important role, the fear of guilt by interaction of others becomes particularly spiteful. Moving crabwise across the profusion of evidence, I sensed that I had at last found something of myself in it, and a play began to accumulate around this man. He tells Elizabeth to talk to John about the confession. In addition, The court is intolerant as a whole.

When a community presents a toxic environment which is seen to be flawed in major aspects of effective functionality, good may only triumph when certain individuals rise up against such a destructive system and refuse conformity in a dire attempt to reform the society for the better, despite the often tragic personal consequences A man in this tragedy should not be exceptionally righteous, but his faults should come about because of a certain irreversible error on his part.

Mostly women were accused of lying about witchcraft.

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John Proctor contemplates prosecuting against Abigail when the trials are still young. Even in court, Elizabeth Proctor does not confess.

What is the crucible really about

Nor is the new screen version the first. In , at the time the book was written, the Second World War had just ended but still there was a clash of democrats ands communists In any play, however trivial, there has to be a still point of moral reference against which to gauge the action. The play stumbled into history, and today, I am told, it is one of the most heavily demanded trade-fiction paperbacks in this country; the Bantam and Penguin editions have sold more than six million copies. She is the reason why people confessed to witchcraft, even when they were not witches, because she had the power of life or death in her hands. Proctor rips up the confession he has signed to preserve his social status. In addition to that, people had also accused Proctor of being a witch. He later translated Kazantzakis. John is confronted another time with a decision whether or not to reveal his affair. The society is therefore intolerant of Proctor.

Puritan ideals define the individuals living in Salem, and John Proctor, the protagonist, finds himself struggling to realize and act on these ideals. I had read about the witchcraft trials in college, but it was not until I read a book published in —a two-volume, thousand-page study by Charles W.

As in the film, nearly fifty years later, the actors in the first production grabbed the language and ran with it as happily as if it were their customary speech.

The crucible society affects decisions

John and his wife, Elizabeth, become one of the many who are imprisoned by the court. While heating metals in it, the impurities come up to the surface and the pure substance can be obtained. Not everybody was accused, after all, so there must be some reason why you were.

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A crucible is a container that can withstand high temperatures, often used to melt, and change the shape of metals. It's really difficult decision for my parents

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The Crucible Society Affects Decisions