The incredible journey reading response

These are not the usual talking animals in fetching outfits -- nothing in this book seem impossible for real-life cats and dogs. Kids love survival novels because they identify with the characters and feel powerful and independent right along with the protagonists; the treat here is that the characters are animals.

The incredible journey reading response

As I was heading out of the store I found a copy of this book lying in a box in the foyer of the store. Second: I'd been digging around in a secondhand bookstore, Red River Books, one weekend, and in the course of such treasure hunting had done a rather nice job of reorganizing the scattered stock.

Plot[ edit ] The animals' owners, the Hunters, leave to go to England for several months because Jim, the father, is scheduled to give a series of university lectures there. It came into my hands again through a curious set of circumstances.

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Update - Nov. There's plenty of action here, but like the animal's personalities, it's not over-the-top. What's the story? Tao is present at the farm while his companions rest and recover, and instrumental in freeing the dogs from the barn, but he is unseen by the Mackenzies.

Poor Judy has yet to crack open "Crow Lake" Oakes is the owner of the three animals while John is gone on his trip.

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The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford