The revolt of 1857

Thus ended the dynasty of the Mughals Empire. Learning of the fall of Delhi by telegraph, many Company administrators hastened to remove themselves, their families and servants to places of safety.

notes on revolt of 1857 for class 8

The British stormed the city through the breaches and the Kashmiri gate on September 14, gaining a foothold within the city with heavy losses, including John Nicholson. By July 15 the Nana Sahib decided to kill the hostages. The southern provinces did not take part in it.

London: Allen Lane, The official Blue Books, East India Torture —, laid before the House of Commons during the sessions of andrevealed that Company officers were allowed an extended series of appeals if convicted or accused of brutality or crimes against Indians.

Everywhere the old Indian aristocracy was being replaced by British officials. The women, children, and infants were murdered, and their bodies were thrown into a well. Although it was intended to apply only to new recruits, the serving sepoys feared that the Act might be applied retroactively to them as well.

For practical purposes, the Company was the government of much of India. It was started by the sepoy of the company which arouses the gathered grievances of the people against the Company administration and of their dislike for the foreign administration.

Why was the revolt of 1857 called the first war of independence

That gave the British a continuous, although still tenuous, line of communication from the east to west of India. Another group of sepoys had already entered Delhi and there, together with the sepoys stationed in Delhi, they destroyed and killed, their targets being government property and the White people. The Bibigurh Well site where a memorial had been built. Three Gurkha and five of six Sikh infantry units, and the six infantry and six cavalry units of the recently-raised Punjab Irregular Force, actively supported the British. Modern South Asia: history, culture, political economy. The forces were divided into three presidency armies : Bombay , Madras , and Bengal. As a result, the burden of providing contingents for active service in Burma, readily accessible only by sea, and China had fallen disproportionately on the two smaller Presidency Armies. Amongst the prolific writing on European orientalism that has been published in the last decades, the India that comes across was that of Sanskrit literature, religiosity, and ancestral traditions. The British captured the city, Rani fleeing in disguise.
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The Revolt of India's First War of Independence