Thesis on search engine optimization

By using the PageRank method almost every website can be allotted a PageRank number and a higher PageRank number will add towards its importance of being ranked higher compared to other websites with lower PageRank numbers.

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This is because SEO only requires the customer to search keywords on a search engine Juon, Greiling and Buerkle, Search engines exist for the sole purpose to provide the people who search with the information they want.

In a recent survey conducted on SEO professionals in Fishkin,the ranking factors that matters most to the professionals were queried and the results are shown as in Figure 2.

search engine optimization pdf

However both the sizes of the index and list of pointers can still be compressed. If a business is not located strategically, customer will never know the business exists Juon, Greiling and Buerkle, SEO will serve as a way of contacting a wider range of new customers.

For large companies, they may have been well recognized even before the SEO marketing. Small localized business may not be well recognized.

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Essay on SEO for Small and Large Businesses