Types of ielts academic essays

For example, Traffic congestion has become one of the major issues in cities. Use 'cause and effect' language; use expressions like because of, reasons for, due to, therefore, so, and as a result of.

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Don't suddenly change your views in the middle. For example, Many children have become habitual about excessively using mobile applications day and night. However, some people think it is more beneficial to play individual sports, e. Where to begin? Read the statement and the question carefully.

Types of ielts academic essays

Write the positive sides on one body paragraph, and the negative sides on another body paragraph. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Example question: In many countries, the tradition of families having meals together is disappearing. Why do you think this is so? Important tips: Use one body paragraph for the reasons of the given problem and another body paragraph for the solution. Causes Reasons and Solutions Essay Another type of IELTS writing task 2 essay similar to problems and solutions essay is causes reasons and solutions essay which can be explained in three parts of causes, reasons and solutions or two parts of causes and solutions. Don't write more than three body paragraphs. Totally disagree If your stance is somewhat agree or disagree, you need to state which side you choose in the end; otherwise, you risk being stuck in the middle without telling the reader your position.

The two most important things that lead to someone being satisfied at work are being treated with respect by managers and being compensated fairly.

Sometimes the question may ask your stance for an argument then require you to write about an additional question. Plan one main point to answer each question. Make sure your answer covers all parts of the task. Important tips: These types of essays sometimes ask your own opinion, so make sure you express that as well, if it's necessary.

Under the typical 4-paragraph structure, it is recommended that the first body paragraph mainly contains ideas that support the argument, while the other body paragraph comprises of ideas that oppose the argument.

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Why do you think this is so? There two factors came top of a recent job satisfaction survey conducted by Monster. In this type of essay, you are required to discuss two opinions given in the question statement and also you have to give your personal opinion. And even with the ones that you feel like you know nothing about, you shouldn't be worried. For example, Online payment is increasingly becoming the most preferred method of payment than cash or other payment methods. Make sure your answer covers all parts of the task. Read the question carefully and find out if you should give your own opinion or not. What will be the effects of it on the family and society?
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Understanding different types of IELTS essay questions