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The lesson for factum writing is to dispense with highly legalistic or minor errors. My neighbour is my audience. Making The Factum Flow To make your factum user friendly you must make it flow smoothly. Point first writing, more than anything else, will improve the clarity and persuasive of your writing. The criminal bar has simply adopted the overview statement as a technique of good written advocacy. Words such as "since", "because", "thus", and "therefore" express logical relationships. Once you have framed the controlling issue, make sure your statement of the facts refers only to those facts necessary for the court to deal with that issue. Judges are exhausted by the time they get to the main noun and verb. The level of detail is another matter. The English language is full of them.

Practise point first writing. Judges will understand your chain of reasoning more easily if they see how one sentence connects to the next sentence. Finally, sentences are frequently too long.

If we have to, we will bend the law to reach a fair result.

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To avoid the left- handed sentence either do a flip-flop by putting the dependent clause at the end of the sentence instead of at the beginning, or put the introductory clause into a separate sentence. The judge should be able to read it on its own without having to refer to the appellant's factum.

In other words summarize what the judge can expect or at least entice the judge into the quotation by introductory words. Pretend the judge is just your well-informed next door neighbour.

However, I have a few suggestions that apply particularly to the respondent's factum: i The respondent's factum should be self-contained or free-standing. But counsel must carefully consider what story to tell and how to tell it. In this case the element of vulnerability is missing because abcetc.

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